Shed Comparison


Us Them
4″ Solid Cement blocks provide clearance from the moisture of the ground and a secure base to deal with the frost factor in our Atlantic Climate.
4″x4″ skids lift your barn another 4″, and generate further stability and durability. This also provides greater options as your barn is easily moved/transported.
2″x4″ Floor Joists spaced on the 16″ are more than enough support for the average barn use; snow blowers, riding mowers, and the standard motor bike.
3/4″ tounge and Groove spruce boards on your floor will allow some breathability – preventing mold and deterioration, while standing up to the weight and moisture challenges that snow blowers, riding mowers and other heavy items present. (Beware of OSB on the floor of your barn – this will deteriorate quickly with moisture, ware & tear).


2″x4″ Wall studs framed on the 16″ provide the same support as the walls in your home. 7/16″ OSB is used to cover the walls providing minimal seams for a solid surface to affix your Vinyl Siding.
A 2″x4″ top & bottom plate on your wall will further reinforce the structure providing lateral stability against the elements and general use. In the Gambrel style barn a 2″x6″ ledge provides for greater stability and a convenient solid shelf.
A 76″ standard wall height affords for generous interior space. 96″ is required for overhead door clearance.
To add contrast or to match your current structure; more than 200 color and profile options are available in Vinyl siding.


Your 2″x4″ roof trusses, need to be reinforced to withstand our Winter Snow load. Spaced on the 24″, they also provide additional overhead storage space for longer narow items.
A 4-12 Roof pitch will match your barn with most standard homes. Covered in 3/4″ tongue & groove spruce boards provides strength and longevity. (Other Options available)
To ensure proper ventalation the Gabled ends on your peaked roof should be vented, and the Corners boxed for integrity and for a clean and finished look.
Drip edge should finish your barn on all 4 sides. As on your home, this provides for a professional finish and protection for your roof.
25 – 30 year ash Shingles are available in more than 20 colours and 3 profiles. Matching the colour to your home or current structure will tie in your new shed to your property.


Aluminum facia & cladding should be used to protect all exterior wood surfaces. Matching your doors and the facia to the aluminum on your home further enhances your addition.
A solid Barn door style to your doors will provide for a Standard 48″ opening allowing for the average lawn tractor, quad, or wheel barrow to pass through with out difficulty.
For those clients that already have a beautifully ladscaped yard with a surrounding fence, the ‘Built on site’ option is available.