when is chinook salmon season

September 29, 2020
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When catch-and-release fishing, fish must be returned to the water immediately unharmed. Angling for sturgeon is prohibited from May 1 through August 31 in the following areas: A line projected from the east (upstream) dock at the Port of The Dalles boat ramp straight across to a marker on the Washington bank upstream to The Dalles Dam. 50 ft above the Hamilton Island boat ramp on the Washington shore (USACE Boat Restricted Zone). Only hatchery coho salmon may be retained between Bonneville Dam and the Hood River Bridge at RM 169. Open for Chinook salmon, hatchery coho salmon and hatchery steelhead consistent with regulations for the Columbia River from the Rocky Point-Tongue Point line up to I-5 bridge. The Dalles Dam to McNary Dam sturgeon must be between 43 inch minimum, 54 inch maximum fork length. Hwy 101 bridge to marker at confluence of Youngs Bay and Klaskanine R., including Walluski R. tidewater (see map). General regulations for lakes not classified by Type:

The daily adult bag limit is two salmon, only one of which can be a Chinook. Take actions to release fish quickly. Minimum length for adult coho is 16 inches. Only one single-point, barbless hook may be used for sturgeon. Chinook Salmon Recreational Season to Open July 1 on Portions of Klamath and Trinity Rivers.

The maps below will assist you in locating inland waters that contain trout and salmon and the regulations that apply. Open for hatchery Chinook salmon Jun 16 – Jul 31. In the aggregate: 2 adult salmon or steelhead per day, 20 per year.

The streams, rivers and lakes in the maps below are color-coded as follow: Please see pages 38-39 of the Fishing Guide for a full explanation of each color-coded stream, river and lake type. Bonneville Dam upstream to a line across the river 1,000 ft from the dam as indicated by USACE signs; Interstate Hwy 197 bridge at The Dalles upstream to the upper line of The Dalles Dam, except bank angling is permitted above the Hwy bridge for 1,100 ft to the cyclone fence; John Day Dam downstream approx. East of peninsula from the markers at the mouth to the mainline railroad bridge (see map).

Herman Cr Lagoon- East of the line from Northwest tip of the jetty, south to marker on shore (See map). 9 mi to a line crossing the Columbia River from Navigation Marker 82 on the Oregon shore westerly to a boundary marker on the Washington shore above Fir Point.

See Central Zone for area above mainline RR bridge.

Sturgeon greater than 54-inches in fork length must remain in the water at all times. Salmon angling from a floating device is prohibited from Beacon Rock to Bonneville Dam Nov 1 – Dec 31. Don’t try to photograph every fish — just take a few pictures to remember the trip. Coho returning to waters above Bonneville Dam are also running above the preseason estimate with 66,700 early-stock coho now expected to return. For a complete listing of all designated trout streams and designated trout lakes, refer to FO-200 and FO-210. Open for hatchery cutthroat trout Jan 1 – Mar 31 and May 22 – Dec 31. Open all year for hatchery Chinook, hatchery coho and hatchery steelhead. "It's always exciting to see these runs come in above expectations, and to be able to open the river for some additional days of fishing," said Ryan Lothrop, Columbia River fishery manager with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). Open for hatchery coho and hatchery steelhead Aug 1 – Dec 31. While sturgeon are very hardy, anglers should still treat them with care. Sturgeon over 54 inches in fork length cannot be removed totally or in part from the water.

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