what does placing a stone on a grave mean

September 29, 2020
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We place the pebbles on the grave of our loved ones that we find; to restore the shattered faith of both Moses and reaffirm our faith that our loved ones will share their faith with Moses and the Rock of Israel from whom the tablets came.

It should, however, be noted that Rabbi Margalios himself expresses a number of reservations at definitively pointing to this as proof that pebbles were commonly placed on graves. Reply, If the parable about the Romans denying the Stone on stone to the Jews of 70 ACE has a bases in reality then it confirms (for me) that the stone represents our continued presence at the grave site until the next time we visit a respect for the dead and a comfort to the living that has it roots over the millennium.
My kin placed rocks on the shiva bench when they got up and left..That just may be "my family custom".. a local custom but it would be based on the same concept of acknowledging an appearance and being with them when we leave.Should not a commentator on this subject first identify the last time they have spoken to their kin at grave side.?????????????? In fact, one might better say that G-D is the place (HaMakom) within which all that we experience resides! Thank you the clear and easy reading of this tradition!! See also Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 128:13. Cemeteries require regular ins… Reply, Pebbles on tombstones All the explanations have one thing in common — the sense of solidity that stones give. But this is only for 2% of the population that was wealthy enough to afford to hire someone to carve out a burial cave. Why Do Jews Fly Their Dead to Israel for Burial? Flowers are a good metaphor for life. Reply, I quite agree With Yitchak Matthiessen's comment:________________________ "Quote: The placement of the stone serves as an invite of sorts for a spark of the departed to come down.Come down from where I wonder?--------------------------------------- For there is nowhere that G-D is not! Reply, Always wondered this! Shaar ha-Mitzvot, Parshat Va’etchanan; Mishnat Chassidim, Yom Gimmel. Rabbi Yitzchak Borda, Responsa Yitzchak Yeranein, Yoreh De’ah 3:2, contends that this custom stems from the Mishnah (Eduyot 5:6), which says that the practice used to be that if one died, and he was guilty of a sin for which one would normally be stoned, the rabbis would place a very large rock on top of the funeral casket to attone for that sin. The more stones on the grave site; the more honored and respected the deceased was in life. Why taking stone when leaving grave site? The biggest mitzvah that a Jew can do is to help bury the dead as that is "Hesed Shel Emet", a true Mitzvah that can not be repaid by the deceased as he is gone. Hilchot u-Minhagei Rabbi Shalom of Neustadt (Derashot Maharash) 490, cited in Ba’er Heitev on Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 224:8, and Eliyah Rabbah 224:7; Shaloh, Masechet Rosh Hashanah. A cemetery may follow national codes of practice or independently prescribe the size and use of certain materials, especially in a conservation area. See, for example, Responsa Darkei David, Yoreh De’ah 15. The poor people (who were 98% of the population) would cover the bodies of their deceased loved ones with stones so that animals would not eat the bodies.

Some People in Texas put small stones over a grave site of whatever they buried to keep animals from digging them up.

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