wealth tax

September 29, 2020
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A wealth tax is a tax on an entity's holdings of assets. If you outright own a $2m property with your spouse then you don't pay anything. The government has the potential to raise up to £174bn a year to help cope with the Covid-19 crisis if it taxed wealth at the same rate as income, a UK tax expert has said. There are a few reasons to avoid a CGT for the Greens. If anything, everyone else needs a tax cut just to help them survive. A wealth tax is an idea that is not going to go away. Green Party leaders Marama Davidson and James Shaw Talking to the media after announcing the policy. This would raise far less money than the wealth tax however - nowhere near enough to pay for that guaranteed income policy. Be the first to know about every new Coronavirus story. By individualising the tax rate and making it only apply to the asset's value over $1 million. What would be a fair way of raising taxes? The Green Party's proposed wealth tax, which it wants to use to set an income floor of $325 for every adult in New Zealand, does not have an explicit family home exemption. This means that the Greens would be well and truly living in a fantasy land if they campaigned on it. But at least it doesn't take almost 1000 words to explain. “What this data shows is that inequality in the UK is being massively fuelled by our tax system, at cost to us all. Murphy said his study was meant to highlight the flaws in the UK tax system rather than whether it was desirable or even technically feasible to raise £174bn in full. And like with rates it allows for a bit of flexibility if your income is low but your paper wealth is high - allowing a deferral of payment until sale that would stop the tax collector prosecuting a retiree with no cash but a big property. Actually administering this system so that the richest don't avoid it would require a lot of investment at Inland Revenue, especially as they would need to create a whole new tool to value people's businesses, which aren't exempt from this tax. The Financial Times estimates that a budget deficit exceeding £337bn could be the result. The amount of revenue the government would be able to raise from taxing wealth more heavily would depend on how much behaviour changed as a result of the higher levies. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. The coronavirus crisis is putting heavy pressure on government finances, with the Office for Budget Responsibility pencilling in a budget deficit of £280bn in the 2020-21 financial year. What is clear is that the only fair answer will be that those on the highest incomes, and those with wealth, are the only people who could afford to pick up that bill. Is the party over for the chalet holiday? Not so. UK taxes should be central to debate on paying for pandemic, suggests Richard Murphy, Wed 22 Apr 2020 15.00 BST READ MORE: * Green Party's $8b plan would guarantee income of $325 a week, and pay for it with a wealth tax on millionaires * New Zealand can't fix inequality by focusing on wages and income tax * Winston Peters and Simon Bridges both claim credit for killing CGT. Murphy said he was not campaigning for a wealth tax as such, but suggested there were a number of ways the government could pick “low-hanging fruit”, including: Introducing a capital gains tax charge on former main residences passed on after death, with the exception of cohabiting spouses and civil partners and recognised long-term related carers. But it does have some key provisions that will keep almost all family homes from being taxed. See the discussion in the comment section below this article. For one: CGTs are hard to plan for, and thus hard to really spend the money from. A lot of people will see the headline "one per cent wealth tax on $1m of wealth" and think that means they will be paying $10,000 on their Auckland home which has crossed the $1m mark. National will want to talk about this tax as much as possible. Nick O’Donovan, senior lecturer in the Future Economies Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University, argues that a one-off windfall tax makes ethical and financial sense as it would raise money from current rather than future taxpayers.

Taxing income remains easy, and the Greens have proposed two new tax rates for income earned over $100,000 and over $150,000. Murphy said even if it were decided that the government and borrowing could pay for the whole coronavirus crisis the issue of the different taxation of income and wealth would not go away. Which isn't to say that Labour will be over the moon about this policy. This includes the total value of personal assets, including cash, bank deposits, real estate, assets in insurance and pension plans, ownership of unincorporated businesses, financial securities, and personal trusts. Many family homes will be essentially exempted.

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