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September 29, 2020
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III (Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society, 1912), 7-13. Sweet Grass converted to Christianity in 1870,[22] being baptized into Catholicism with the name Abraham. The United States also agreed to provide goods to the Delaware and to build and garrison a fort to provide for better security while the Delaware Nation’s warriors were away. The war chiefs would soon take control of the Plains Cree "ending Big Bear’s peaceful ten year struggle to obtain better conditions for his people. north-west corner of projected Township No. And also, all their rights, titles and privileges whatsoever to

said river, against the stream, to the Jaspar House, in the Rocky The large congregation of Cree surrounding Fort Pitt may have been one of the reasons that accounts of death due to smallpox where so high in the areas surrounding.

On March 25, Alexander McKee, Simon Girty, Matthew Elliott, and four other men slipped out of Pittsburgh bound for the Ohio country and, eventually, Detroit, where all would join the British cause. With the Treaty of Fort Pitt signed and the chiefs returned home to deliver the news, McIntosh finally launched a campaign against Detroit in October 1778. ", The remains of Fort Pitt are located in Fort Pitt Provincial Park located roughly 5 km Northwest of Hewitt Landing in Western Saskatchewan.

Pitt, and had then attached his signature to the said treaty as The great number of "captives" or "prisoners" had opted for the protection of the Cree camp upon the advice of aboriginal friends or leaders.

benefit of the said Indians, to be administered and dealt with for seventy-eight. "the Lucky Man," Headmen of the said Bands, hereby giving their whatsoever to all lands in the North-west Territories or elsewhere

There were twenty-three NWMP stationed at the fort under the command of Francis Dickens (the son of the famous novelist Charles Dickens). agrees that all the payments and provisions named in the said

Signed by the parties hereto, in the presence of the undersigned witnesses, McLeod, Chief of the said Band.

Location: Fort Pitt. privileges whatsoever to all lands in the North-west Territories, in the presence of the undersigned witnesses after having and engagements of whatever kind enumerated in the said treaty and

the place of beginning. All of the Hudson Bay company employees chose to surrender instead of leave Fort Pitt with the police. eighth day of December, in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight

It was named after Thomas Pitt, a member of the HBC governing board from 1810 to 1832. Constantine, Simpson, McIllree, [16], With Heckewelder’s delivery of his message and White Eyes’ visit to Pittsburgh, the Congressional Commissioners and George Morgan appeared to succeed in at least neutralizing Henry Hamilton and Alexander McKee’s efforts to enlist the Delaware nation by the early summer of 1778. abide by the law, and they will maintain peace and good order forever.

and seventy-six, who have not yet given in their adhesion to the Recorded 24th February, 1877. Indians, having had communication of the treaty made and concluded
[35] they also reference situations such as Bill Waiser In his book "A World We Have Lost Saskatchewan Before 1905". proportion to the number of Indians now treated with as the amounts

[40], On May the 26th a mounted column would arrive at Fort Pitt to see the remains still smouldering in the aftermath of the cree raid.

When it became clear that the fort either could not or, would not provide medicine to the sick Cree ,the Cree changed their approach. R. Alexander, Fort Pitt at the time was understaffed, both staff and the local Metis being away hunting on the plains or with the boat brigade[18] The Blackfoot made many attempts to intercept trading parties en route to the fort, as well as making raid attempts on the fort itself. presented him as such to the said Commissioner, who has recognized ourselves and the Band which we represent, in consideration of the

Fort Pitt (1829–1890) was a prairie trading post of the Hudson's Bay Company on the North Saskatchewan River about 10 miles east of the Alberta border. That during the next three years, after two or more of the Wahpansee, Gooderham, In 1883, 25 North-West Mounted Police were sent to Fort Pitt under the command of Francis Dickens, the son of the novelist Charles Dickens.

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