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September 29, 2020
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Although a UK tax resident company, a UK REIT delivers an investment platform which the UK framework has made exempt from double taxation, i.e. A TISE listing enables a real estate investment group to meet the requirements for UK REIT status with the advantage of significant cost saving and operational efficiency. The applicant must submit certain documents to TISE as required by the Listing Rules.

TISE also provides a facility for the secondary listing of a company's securities which are already listed on one or more other recognised stock exchanges. The issue of the further PIK Notes is treated as payment of interest equal to the value of the PIK Notes issued for tax deduction purposes. JERSEY The International Stock Exchange (TISE or the Exchange) provides recognised facilities for the listing and trading of debt instruments and securities issued by companies and other forms of investment vehicles.

Directors of UK REITs must collectively have relevant expertise of the real estate investment business and must be able to demonstrate the ability to act independently of any investment manager which may be appointed. We provide a professional and integrated service, coordinating the listing process and supporting the issuer through its application. Issuers can choose to list securities of traditional vehicles such as companies or more innovative entities such as cell companies. a pragmatic and flexible approach to disclosure requirements. The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. TISEA offers a pragmatic approach to disclosure requirements which aims to provide investors with sufficient information without imposing unnecessarily onerous demands. In the last few years, an increasing number of issuers of high yield bonds have chosen The International Stock Exchange (TISE or the Exchange) as the exchange of choice in order to list high yield bonds. TISEA applies globally recognised stock exchange listing standards, based on London market norms, in a manner which is pragmatic, proportionate and adaptable to the needs of individual investment businesses. A TISE listing enables a real estate investment group to meet the requirements for UK REIT status with the advantage of significant cost saving and operational efficiency. Listing quoted Eurobonds on The International Stock Exchange. Otherwise, the UK portfolio companies of leveraged buyout and private equity funds will only be entitled to tax deductibility of interest payments when they are actually paid (or in respect of deep discount bonds when they are redeemed).

Upon completion of the listing, the issuer will be required to ensure compliance with the ongoing obligations outlined in chapter 7 of the Listing Rules.

Wherever incorporated, specific advice should be obtained by the REIT's board in relation to cross-border investor marketing and any applicable regulatory requirements under the applicable law of its' domicile. The International Stock Exchange (TISE), which replaced the Channel Islands Securities Exchange (CISE), now has 2,560 listings, of which around 40% are specialist debt securities and more than half are domiciled outside the Channel Islands. JE1 1BD Alternatively, the issuer may issue PIK Notes to all bond holders but those who would be liable to an immediate tax charge could redeem such amount of PIK Notes as is necessary to meet the liability to tax. The changes introduced in 2005 by the Finance (No.

This is especially attractive to those REITs that will have a small number of investors (including where the REIT is wholly owned by an institutional investor), where there is less of a need for liquidity; as noted above, TISE is a “recognised stock exchange”, recognised by, amongst others, HMRC, the German securities regulator, BaFin, and the Australian Securities Exchange; TISE is within the same time zone as the UK and the Channel Islands are English speaking; TISE listing fees are very competitive (current fees may be found on the. The documentation consists of a listing document, which can take the form of an existing published prospectus, offering memorandum, scheme particulars and the like, together with supporting documentation such as accounts, when necessary, and various standard application forms which TISE provides within its Listing Rules. Appleby The listed securities must be freely transferable and tradeable (subject to certain exemptions set out in the Listing Rules) and the expected minimum market capitalisation of securities to be listed must be at least £1,000,000 and maintained at or above this amount for the duration of the listing. A Quoted Eurobond is an interest-bearing security issued by a company, which is subsequently listed on a "recognised stock exchange". The listing process is generally the same for a secondary listing as for a primary listing. Once listed, the listing agent facilitates compliance with the ongoing obligations outlined in chapter 7 of the Listing Rules, a copy of which can be found here. One solution, which allows a tax deductibility of interest as it accrues, is the issue by the UK portfolio company of payment in kind notes (PIK Notes).

All recognised stock exchanges prior to 19 July 2007 were designated under section 841(b) Income and Corporation Tax Act 1988 (ICTA).

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