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September 29, 2020
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The B50SS and B50T both used an oil-bearing frame derived from the factory motocross bikes, featuring a tubular swingarm with a cam adjuster at the front needle-bearing pivot — ideas that BSA borrowed from the Rickman brothers, famous for their custom motocross frames.

Meanwhile, in BSA’s competition shop experiments began with stretching the B40’s stroke, first to 85mm for 420cc and finally to 90mm for 441cc, with the intention that it would replace the heavier and bulkier DBD34 Gold Star engine in the factory motocrossers. 1969 BSA A65F, This unit is Located at: Cycles 128 For information please call: 978-712-4777 1969 BSA 650 Scrambler Multiple 1st place... New England Powersports Beverly, MA - … “I enjoy riding it,” Keith says. But it’s been seven years now …”, In the end, Keith modified a Norton footpeg so that it now looks and works like the original. Keith suspects a vapor lock in the carburetor and plans to try altering the carburetor intake angle. The crank was supported on no fewer than three main bearings — a roller on the timing side, and roller and ball bearings on the drive side — in beefed-up cases. Weight (dry): 310lb (141kg) 1971 BSA LIGHTNING MANUFACTURER'S STATEMENT OF ORIGIN MSO DOCUMENT A65 A65L OIF

It’s not clear exactly when, but during this time BSA recognized that the “stretched” Victor engine had reached the end of its development.

Nice soft rubber and very sticky. Unfortunately, while easing the cylinder over the piston, the piston rings, swollen with corrosion, cracked the cylinder liner. Wonderful motorcycles. It turned out the only thing that was missing was the left footpeg,” Keith says. L’activité moto à ensuite augmenté grâce à de bonne décisions stratégiques, BSA acquit Triumph Motorcycles en 1951 et devint en ce temps le plus important fabriquant de moto au monde. La BSA Rocket 3 a été développée en même temps que la Triumph Trident, elles arrivèrent toutes les deux sur le marché en 1968 et sont considérées comme les premières Superbike de l’histoire avec leur énorme 741cc et le premier moteur 3-cylindres sur le marché.

New +0.020-inch rings were sourced and ground to fit the standard bore. Register Today! Accurate ignition timing was critical in this regard — a condition exacerbated by incorrect placement of the timing marks on some early bikes. The use of the 3-cylinders allowed to increase the engine to 741cc to satisfy customers who were asking for more power, but it reduced as well the vibrations compared to conventional Twins. Most distinctive, though, was the massive black muffler covered with a perforated stainless steel heat shield. Keith also bought a set of custom silicone gaskets from Steve Dales at Britgaskets. But the development work was not for nothing, and a trio of 499cc B50-based bikes was announced for general sale in 1971. Claimed power: 34hp @ 6,200rpm So why was so much scorn heaped on the unit-construction bike? From a style point of view, these bikes were as well very innovative even if it did not mean successful. The original Gold Star was developed from the 1930s Empire Star into a potent AMA Class C racing package, with the street versions sporting much of the race bike’s performance potential. In order to diversify its activities, BSA started to create bicycles in 1880 as their production methods were adaptable to create parts at efficient cost. Simply fitting the B50MX cam and 32mm carburetor raised output to 38 horsepower, and more was available with cylinder head work. Well, yes and no.

The only major problem still bugging Keith is that the B50 is almost impossible to restart when hot.

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