principle of certainty in taxation

September 29, 2020
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Cedermark, Pia and Hanna Kristiansson. The question of establishing administrative courts has been discussed and studied extensively in Denmark. 2009. In both countries, all authority decisions may be appealed to court by the taxpayers. 2003. The compliance that prevails in practice is probably due to tradition, faith in authority, the structure of the system of appeal, and the expectation that a court has ruled in accordance with a “correct” well-based unbiased conception of the lawin force. The starting point is, according to him, undoubtedly that civil law procedure should provide the basis for taxation (see Zimmer (2015a)). I support Kellgren’s position and maintain that an incisive discussion focusing on principles is desirable. 2014.

The Swedish Supreme Administrative Court decides whether to issue an appeal permit. Norges Høyesterett 200 år. Either party in a court hearing in Finland can, in principle, be awarded compensation for its trial costs; in Sweden, only the taxpayer can receive this compensation.8 The courts in both countries have been relatively reluctant to award taxpayers compensation for trial costs, and when they do, the amounts are low (for Sweden, see, for instance, Thorslund and Tärnqvist (2004)).
1999. The Supreme Court should therefore account for the grounds and the principles on which its choice of interpretive arguments and options has been based. The principle of simultaneity - the same object should be taxed with only one tax once per statutory tax period. 2014. Andersen also argues that the administrative courts would subordinate to the officialprincip; use a writing-oriented procedure; and operate smoother, faster, and in a less costly manner for the individual. Sometimes clear legal propositions can be formulated, but there are usually complex issues relating to questions of fact and evidence; thus the circumstances in a particular case make it difficult to generalize rules of law from it. /Version /1#2E5 That judges should be autonomous and unbiased can probably be considered a self-evident proposition.

There need not be any great difference—or perhaps no difference—between the results of the intuitive and the intellectual processes when a ruling is being decided upon. Intuition in Judgment and Decision Making. Dworkin, Ronald. 2003. “Intressant Tolkningsavgörande Från HFD om Uttagsbeskattning vid Indirekt Ägande i Överlåtande Handelsbolag.” Skattenytt: 745–50. The parliaments of East Central Europe (ECE) have been the central sites of systemic change and have been widely analyzed with respect to their roles and functions.

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