photography merit badge worksheet answers

September 29, 2020
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If the built in meter shows the shot is under exposed, the photographer should open the aperture until the shutter speed is 1/15th second or faster. Frontlighting Most pictures use front lighting, here the light falls directly onto the subject. Select eight to 12 images that best tell your story. Shutter speed affects how much movement appears. Share your plan with your counselor and get your counselor's input and approval before you proceed. What two forces are acting on a plasticine ball on a forcemeter? Ability to print your own pictures using a computer and consumer-grade printer. This means you can take many shots of the same scene but with slightly different settings, then choose the best one. You can also buy diffusers that attach to your flash that help a little bit as well. Minimal ongoing costs for those wishing to capture hundreds of photographs for digital uses, such as computer storage and e-mailing, but not printing. What are the answers to the citizen in the community merit badge worksheet? What does the "S" in Harry S. Truman stand for? There are special types of film, such as for infrared light, that have no equivalent in digital. What is acceptable in an 8x10 print viewed at arm's length may not be acceptable in a 30x40 print viewed at arm's length.

The merit badge should make the scout aware of what he can do with photography as a life long hobby or a profession, and it should be fun to do. So if you've got a 250mm lens you'd use shutter speeds of 1/250th or faster. Suppose the lens has a maximum aperture of f/2. Digital cameras can be much smaller than film cameras of equivalent quality. Use contrast to identify your subject/purpose. Requirements for the Photography merit badge: Do the following: Plan the images you need to photograph for your photo story.

Framing can usually improve a picture. Then, using either a film camera or a digital camera, produce your approved picture story. Lenses are designed to gather as much light as possible. Ability to print your own pictures using printers that can communicate directly with the camera, or its memory card, for computer-less printing. Instant review of pictures, with no wait for the film to be developed: if there's a problem with a picture, the photographer can immediately correct the problem and take another picture.

Ability to attach information such as the time and date of the photograph, model of the camera, shutter speed, flash use, film speed, and other similar items, to aid in the reviewing and sorting of photographs. Identify three career opportunities in photography. Use lines in photographs to focus attention. Photography Merit Badge and Worksheet - Boy Scout Trail. Share your display with your counselor. Exposure: Aperture affects the depth of field and therefore which portions of the image will be in focus. You can find info at California Occupational Guides, including Photographer; Photo finisher; Technician; Film editor. B)Choose a topic that interests you to photograph for an exhibit or display. If they are standing up, most subjects won't be able to hold still for a 1/2 second exposure. If you're using high-speed (sensitive) film and have a slow shutter that must expose the film for at least 1/500th of a second, using a smaller aperture is the only way to prevent too much light from striking the film and overexposing it. Arrange your images in order and mount the prints on a poster board,... 8. Process your images.

Things closer or farther from the camera will be out of focus. The main differences between a digital and film camera: Ideally, this will include around 8 photos glued or taped to a poster board, with captions under each to tell the story.

Implied lines hold the picture together. This Workbook can help you organize your thoughts as you prepare to meet with your merit badge counselor. Aperture is the degree to which the iris or diaphragm inside the lens is opened. These worksheets include the necessary tasks and questions that are required for earning the Photography merit badge. Check with your merit badge counselor to see if they are using the worksheets. Film remains more admissible as evidence in court, because it is much harder to fake than digital. Where do I look for a job? Each scout should make a 2 minute oral presentation on a career in photography. Your camera. I hope that you’ve found my complete guide to be clear and helpful.

You can get away with slower shutter speeds if you either (1) brace yourself against a solid object, (2) rest the camera/lens on a solid object. Photography merit badge requirements. Share your picture story with your counselor. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Film cameras are generally more reliable and durable than digital cameras in outdoor environments, especially in wet, cold, and/or humid weather. What is the complication part of biag ni lam-ang? Stopping action.

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