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September 29, 2020
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Light-hearted and humorous jug bands like Will Shade's Memphis Jug Band and Gus Cannon's Jug Stompers played good-time, upbeat music on assorted instruments, such as spoons, washboards, fiddles, triangles, harmonicas, and banjos, all anchored by bass notes blown across the mouth of an empty jug. So what about those ‘distant’ cousins, how do we refer to them? You could spend a lifetime just becoming well-versed in Cree culture, never mind trying learn more than a few surface details about all the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Charles Dickens praised the intricacies of the "lively hero" (believed to be Master Juba) whom he watched in a New York performance in 1842. While hokum surfaces in early blues music most frequently, there was some significant crossover culturally. You see, while I was surrounded mostly by English as I grew up, there were certain turns of phrase or ‘things we did’ that did not fit into English paradigms. Though I did not grow up in a super traditional household, this aspect of my upbringing certainly is true.

Hokum was stagecraft, gags and routines for embracing farce. Learn how your comment data is processed. Many country musicians, like Uncle Dave Macon, Bill Monroe, Eddy Arnold, Stringbean and Roy Acuff, toured with the Wilds tent shows from April through Labor Day. Compositions such as "Banana in Your Fruit Basket", written by Bo Carter of the Mississippi Sheiks, used thinly veiled allusions, which typically employed food and animals as metaphors in a lusty manner worthy of Chaucer.
Again, just to point out how I understand the terms and not necessarily the way everyone else does, for me kîstâw is the term I would use for your brother-in-law while kîscâs is what I’d use for your same sex cross cousin.

I forget how to say ” my girl or little girl” can you help me out. White comedians like Frank Tinney and singers like Eddie Cantor (nicknamed Banjo Eyes) continued to work successfully in blackface on Broadway. #kokum #mushum #grandma #grandpa #elder by sharsharbanks July 03, 2014 His name was translated as Big Bear, and if you were to go from that English name and translate it into Cree, you’d have misimaskwa, a totally different name/meaning. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'oakum.' Hello…I’m appraising a wonderful brooch and on the back the inscription reads: peyasewuk kitowuk. In a general sense, hokum was a style of comedic farce, spoken, sung and spoofed, while masked in both risqué innuendo and "tomfoolery". Ambition - is not everything. Like so many other elements of the minstrel show, stereotypes of racial, ethnic and sexual fools were the stock in trade of hokum. This person also might be thought of as like an uncle, because they are in your mother’s generation.

Like minstrelsy, the "coon song craze" sold racist stereotypes to mass audiences.
"Hillbilly" musicians were similarly marketed as "rubes" and "hayseeds". There are two ways to navigate this site.

The North Carolina Piedmont pioneer Charlie Poole was an acrobatic jokester with a banjo beating out a "barbaric twang", but he did not perform the "coon songs" he covered in black dialect or in blackface. To save this word, you'll need to log in. The nice thing about the Lessons is that there is often audio content that you can download in order to hear the words pronounced.

A parallel cousin is a child of the same sex sibling of your mother or father. What, you thought the confusion ended with same sex siblings being in maternal or parental roles? The convergence of performance styles, from different races that minstrelsy and by extension hokum represented, helped to define a central, ongoing tension in American culture. Blind Lemon Jefferson and T-Bone Walker played in the Dallas String Band at various times. You are very aware of our Cree language and culture. So a womans husband’s brother and does the older or younger have to do with the age of the woman to the brother-in-law or the age of her husband to the brother-in-law? Cannon's classic composition "Walk Right In", originally recorded for Victor in 1930, resurfaced as a number one hit 33 years later, when the Rooftop Singers recorded it during the folk revival in New York's Greenwich Village, and a jug band boom ensued once more. Although the sexual content of hokum is generally playful by modern standards, early recordings were marginalized for both sexual suggestiveness and "trashy" appeal, but they flourished in niche markets outside the mainstream. For that reason, I’m going to give you the plural of these terms: So now you have four kinship terms with which you can refer to your siblings. A male would call his brother’s son this too. You call them nicâhkos (older female cousin) or nîtim (older male cousin). That’s right, the terms are the same as they are for our siblings, because in fact, these cousins are like our siblings. nitim is a complex relationship term. Admirers of hokum warmed to its slyness and the seeming innocence that provided a context for simplistic shenanigans.

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