karie murphy brexit

September 29, 2020
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Day in, day out I would observe ‘Mr Squeaker’ from the Press Gallery, sneering, snarling, berating and goading MPs from his padded throne.

Mind you, its typical of EU fanatics to ensure people vote continually until they get their vote right, which ain’t democracy, its actually tyranny, a tyranny of the minority. Careful now…’Orange don’ and ‘Benny the jew’ will delcare this ‘New Jerusalem’ as the capital of israel. I have written a ditty for Karie based on the tune John Brown’s Body, all together now! Year after year they outpace the UK on the Human Development Index (HDI). If you can afford to, please click here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal or here for a monthly donation via GoCardless. Bercow, Watson and Murphy — what a monstrous galère! ” Try telling them they’re better off in the EU.”. If even a small fraction of the time, words and effort were devoted to pressing long standing issues like these as the now fevered frenzied evidence poor clamour to maintain the status quo, who knows how this country could have been? Before Mr Corbyn toddled back to his allotment after his electoral drubbing last December, he had it in his gift to send to the Lords three people who deserved ennoblement and could serve in public life and enhance our democracy. What example is that to other countries? She rose to prominence in 2013, when she tried to secure the Labour Party candidacy in Falkirk — which saw her suspended from the party and reported to the police by its officials over allegations of trying to fix the selection in conjunction with the Unite trade union. See Scotland The final decision will be taken by individual constituency Labour parties. My apologies for interjecting, but here’s the latest post from Tony Greenstein re the CW court case, which contains a link to the judgement: https://azvsas.blogspot.com/2019/10/instead-of-supporting-chris-williamson.html, To add to Allan Howard’s link to article about Chris Williamson, Williamson has been speaking in Derry NI today in support of Assange. Anti-racism campaign group Hope Not Hate has written to the House of Lords Appointments Commission to raise a string of objections following reports that Ms Murphy, Jeremy Corbyn's chief of staff, is among eight names put forward by the outgoing Labour leader for the upcoming dissolution honours list. Why? Anti-racism campaign group Hope Not Hate has written to the House of Lords Appointments Commission to raise a string of objections following reports that Ms Murphy… Do they have a worse life experience and satisfaction than we do? A couple of weeks earlier, the unions had agreed at the TUC congress that they would support Corbyn’s position – enough to more or less guarantee that it would pass at Labour’s conference. That he felt these three worthy of a place in the second chamber reveals as much about his warped sense of values as any of the rubbish he has spouted in the past five years. The seven-day process is aimed at accelerating selections while still giving local party members a key role.

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