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September 29, 2020
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The only promotion that is currently running is the T-Mobile one related to RBN Artist of the Month. @breakfastking: Chroma got scrapped and reworked because the Alpha went terribly. Dan: Die Verzögerung ist kürzer als ein Frame, das haben wir automatisch im Spiel angepasst. send you an email once approved. I’ve gone from PR helper guy to Project Lead and Director. The response I was given was licensing issues (which seems to be the “easy out” on a lot of these, now that I’m writing this). Additionally, if the creators community would support vocal harmonies, I imagine that feature would be included in future iterations of the RBN, as well! John: Man darf außerdem nicht vergessen, dass wir meist nicht nur mit der Band selbst verhandeln müssen, sondern mit Labels, Managern, Publishern, den Studios etc. In the meantime, have fun, rock on, and be good to one another.

As always, you can holler at me on twitter @johntdrake and tumblr at Wir nahmen eine Menge Feedback von der Rock-Band-Community entgegen und hatten natürlich selbst auch einige Ideen.

THE BEATLES IS A TRADEMARK OF APPLE CORPS LTD. It’s a weird world where we can be connected via twitter and video games and sporadic events but form real friendships. There are upcoming games you know about, like Fantasia: Music Evolved, Dance Central Spotlight, and Amplitude. My advice if you’re on the Wii: wait for Rock Band 3 to see if that solves a number of your problems. What’s the deal with the Pearl Jam project? Glad you're staying in video games. I’m working on my E3 plans this week, so I’ll hopefully be able to do another session then.

NOT from John), according to unofficial DLC leaderboard statistics on, the Wii only makes up about 3% of total DLC (not including RBN) purchases… in other words, cost vs. benefit wise, it’s probably not the wisest investment of resources for Harmonix. Period.” thread at, Harmonix definitely hears you loud and clear, and they would love to give you more Muse in Rock Band.

But there's the new Dance Central too. Damn. Any chance at seeing the RBN in different countries (specifically Mexico)?

hey hey hey it’s your significant other’s birthday today, but you already knew so you didn’t need me to remind you.

Some of it was just plain bizarre.

They are my favorite people by far, and I’m going to miss them immeasurably.
While not promising anything, John’s response was basically that since the beginning of the franchise, all DLC (with the exception of the Beatles) has been compatible and exportable into the latest release in the franchise. Great interview! If I can offer words of advice… hang on to your Beatles: Rock Band disc.

Gran Turismo 5 im Replay: Was hat sich seit dem Release so alles getan? @monkeyman04 If anything we'll probably see more of him. If you need to send me a note, you can always email me at This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll

We’re just over a month in to the RBN store going live, and with all the effort that’s gone into it thus far, there’s no way they will neglect it going forward. I literally cannot imagine him going somewhere else. Some recent photos of us with our mouths open at the bottom of this post. May your path be lined with Diet Cokes and wonder. Period.” thread at, T-Mobile one related to RBN Artist of the Month. Not only does Harmonix keep track of the songs submitted at, but they also track the songs that you include on your profile. Chroma is in alpha or something on PC, looks like it has a lot of potential.
Can we expect Muse as DLC in Rock Band, and if so, when?

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