is it fair to tax the rich more

September 29, 2020
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While some experts don't agree on the measures needed, others in power recognize there is a problem. Even at 8 years old, it was probably clear to you that the only reason the class bully picked on weak kids was because they were unable to defend themselves. Everyone carries the same responsibility, and no one is unequally burdened, rich or poor. Resource Movement's members say a wealth tax alone would bring in $9 billion annually and could help finance affordable housing, a national drug benefit program and access to dental care. (No Kidding!) This week, the Democratic National Convention descended into Philadelphia, and you could have probably guessed that taxing the wealthy would come up. Blackhurst underestimates the widespread support for a progressive tax system. "As a result, arguments about compensating for the sacrifices made in these wars - justly or unjustly - are not as compelling. To claim that the rich should hand over a much larger chunk of their earnings seems to suggest that they did not deserve to earn it in the first place. Legal Statement. The first reason for this is that the rich already do pay far more both as a percentage of their earnings and as an absolute amount in tax in the UK and the US. "Government would have to hire people to try to measure all this, to run all over the world because, of course, the richer people are, the more they're able to hide their assets.". that’s always a head-popping number for the smellies…. Why is it ok for men to threaten and diminish Louise Mensch online but not Caroline Criedo-Perez? The Evening Standard (London, England). All other factors being equal, if you were on the board of a company looking to build a new plant, wouldn’t you vote to locate it in a low-tax country? When Thatcher reduced the top rate of tax, during her time as prime minister, tax receipt rates grew hugely, even during recessionary periods. "A wealth tax is a way to make sure everyone does their fair share.". According to Hodge’s testimony, international researchers at the OECD concluded that “the corporate income tax is the most harmful tax for long-term economic growth.” (1) Moreover, while “75 countries have cut their corporate tax rates to make themselves leading industrialized nations at over 39 percent.”(3) Is it any wonder jobs are leaving this country and going overseas? "But I recognize that anything that has the potential to be durable needs to be a compromise between these two views.". But her office recognized that "there is still more to do to ensure every Canadian has a fair chance at success.". To date, the cumulative impact of tax cuts since 2001 is $5.9 trillion. That's another story entirely. If that’s the case, why is it that in the wake of these lower tax rates (set to expire at the end of this year) the top 1% of income earners now pay roughly 40% of the income taxes collected. Flat tax has one tax rate. Patrick Leblond, a professor with the University of Ottawa's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, is doubtful. The new federal finance minister appears to be one of them. Even then they still ended up with factories producing woefully substandard products that no-one ever used and shops with shelves free of the basics. Last fall, Tax Foundation president Scott Hodge pointed out to the House Committee on the Budget that “fully 68% of private business income is earned by taxpayers with AGI [adjusted gross income] above $200,000- the target range of President Obama’s proposed tax rate increases.” Since small businesses are the engine of job creation, reducing the income of the owner means s/he has less incentive to take on the risk of expanding, buying new equipment, or hiring more employees. Ed Milliband has used the same phraseology in the past and no doubt we will hear much of it repeated in the coming week. If I had trouble making rent, for example. The folks in Washington, D.C., consider you wealthy. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The reason for these fluctuations? Between technological advancements and the armed services becoming completely voluntary, the mindset evolved. Raise taxes for the ‘super rich’ on the back of finger in the air forecasts of increased receipts and they get the mandate to spend. The rich create jobs, pay for services and buy products, as well as paying their taxes. "Personally, I'm probably more of an ability to pay type where statutory rates would go higher," Stasavage said. Before this tax was repealed, it nearly wiped out the domestic boat industry in this country. He has spoken of making the rich ‘pay their fair share’ . Something similar to what we have today though with fewer loopholes to enhance a shared sense of equal treatment.". Scott A. Hodge, “Tax Reform: The Key to a Growing Economy and Higher Living Standards for All Americans,” Tax Foundation, Testimony Before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Budget, September 14, 2011. "And we realized who are the people doing the essential work. In 2000, her family created the Trottier Family Foundation, a charitable foundation that gives out grants every year.

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