independent film distribution deals

September 29, 2020
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I assumed there were a lot of rules; I assumed that there was a right and wrong way to approach a distributor. This isn’t unusual for a first film but I don’t think it has to be that way. I felt that way. (Finally, right? I wonder who will take its place? was no where to be found. Having released thousands of films, we have a very good sense of what type of films and docs work overall as well as for our specific VOD and home-video clients.”, CAST: “It’s very important. 7.

Before that, we were Kino International, which was founded in the late '70s and acquired by Lorber Films in 2009.”. However, we want the right release strategy for each film and are excited to have a few day-and-date films on our schedule. If you don’t you can read all about. You've also created a real community of Indie Rights filmmakers via social
After three years, a successful limited theatrical FILMS PER YEAR: “We acquire between 8–10 theatrical slate titles a year and roughly 30 additional titles that will receive various forms of alternate release (e.g., day-and-date, limited theatrical, digital, and ancillary only, etc. )” RIGHTS: “All of our deals vary in terms of what rights we take and which territories we release in. Indie Rights, you and Michael, are without question the best distributors we've ever had for our films. I understand you may want to negotiate with the distributor to get a better deal. Eh.” *DELETE*I improved after the first couple of emails.

A film distribution deal boils down to this: Who gets what?

Indie Rights, a subsidiary of Nelson Madison Films, is a full service, global distributor with direct relationships to major distribution outlets. 1) Term lengths are still astronomically high. Your film’s chain of title will prove that you have all the rights, permissions, and licenses to legally license your film to the distributor, who can then legally go out there and sell it to people. TITLES PER YEAR: 300–400 titles each year. When looking at titles, we almost always have a phone call with the producer/director. revenue on each film we release.”, RIGHTS: “We We like to acquire films before their festival premiere in order to work with filmmakers to shape an effective festival strategy.”, RIGHTS: “We ask for all rights, all territories if available. Once they meet that dollar amount, the money splits according to the percentages of the deal. A few good places to find these companies include IMDb Pro, websites in a cursory Google search, and (believe it or not) Wikipedia.

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