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September 29, 2020
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Is it worth it? 2020 Friends of Scouting brochure. It is true that you. Other????? Your employer may match support for Scouting.

Helped make the comparison easier since I didn't pay my Scouting bills till I was in High School and was already bout 4 years in.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. So far, $1235. The will accept any donation and are happy to have it. You can always do what I have done with my DE when he asks to do an FOS talk, I tell him if he wants to ask for a certain dollar figure what additional services or benefits will the units receive from the council for the additional cash. FOS Campaign Power Point presentation By I have given to FOS over the years, but cannot count it up. Now, I tow the troop trailer on almost all the trips I go on, at an average cost in gas and tolls of $150 per trip x 6 is $2155 per year. What good are they anyway. Many of the parents in my Troop haven't had raises in years. But we have two boys and myself (ASM) that is $105. Inform the clerk before you check out that your unit is eligible for free rank advancement. I’m very pleased to be the FOS Unit Captain again this year. Absolutely. Your efforts have a positive impact on the youth of our community and your support is greatly appreciated. Additionally, the 2019 FOS presentation requires that 50% of the unit’s registered families make a pledge to the Family Friends of Scouting Campaign and that an average gift of $50 per registered Scout family be given. P.O. The percentage of registered Scouts is measured by the number of pledges recorded by the council vs. he unit’s membership total. We were never forced to donate to FOS, and if you wanted to donate, you could donate what you felt comfortable with. Thank you for making Friends of Scouting a priority in your unit. Scouting serves young men and women in Northern Indiana through the LaSalle Council. Our program is volunteer driven and professionally guided. All Rights Reserved. Plus popcorn $150, plus wreath sale $60 plus trips. The entry asking donation was $ 150.00. Thanks for providing those numbers Codger. what if a unit just passes on Popcorn, Camp cards and FOS? We camp 10x per year, and if my boys go on a total of 14 of them (average year is 7 each) plus me on 6 of them that is 20 trips at $12 per for food, or $240, plus two summer camps at $350 each. Scouting isn't really that expensive of an activity in comparison to many other youth activities that parents don't even hesitate to drop the $$$ for. Contact your human resources department to have your gift matched. At the beginning of each presentation, you should welcome your audience. Your District Executive will verify. The Friends of Scouting presentation they wanted me to pitch is the same the minimum recommended donation is $150. Wasnt it only $ 75.00 last year?

Copyright © 2020 537.7304, Development Admin. I live in a somewhat economically challenged area. Boys and girls today have a wide variety of options for spending their time. All rights reserved. RandyPrice, February 12, 2014 in Open Discussion - Program. Recognition levels. FOS Sample Presenter Script.

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