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September 29, 2020
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We live in an age of growing technological dependency — nearly everyone has a smartphone and computer, many daily tasks are becoming computer-automated and companies use social media as means to tap into new clientele and publicize their successes. Work on developing all of these skills, and you will be more desirable to employers and effective at work. Use these four (or more) years in college to be a leader on your campus.

But how exactly can students practice analytical and problem-solving skills? 7. Employees should not only be able to work in a team towards a common goal, but also bring out the best in other team members. Employees with sharp critical thinking skills are able to examine several angles and avoid pitfalls that impulsive decision-makers fall into. What skills will employees need to help their companies succeed in this year and beyond?

This data no good to anyone sitting in storage, so companies want to able to use it to improve their business. Additionally, it’s important to be open-minded, especially knowing that there can be more than one solution to a given problem. Nowadays especially, employers are looking for well-rounded individuals that not only possess the technical skills, but interpersonal skills to be able to work in any environment. For your workplace to evolve, you need all the curious, creative minds you can get. One good way to do this is through an executive board position in an extracurricular activity or student organization! Creativity.

You want to gauge your employees’ ability to manage their own performance and productivity, and as they step into leadership positions, the performance of others.

How can employees and their skills keep up in a world and a workplace that never cease to change — and surprise us?

And now, 2020 has brought another major change in the workplace culture. Follow her on Instagram: @julianemariev. Copyright © 2009-2020 Her Campus Media, LLC. Which is rather concerning, given that these two skills have traditionally been the cornerstones of the workplace. This, in turn, helps them achieve better work-life balance and feel less stressed. We’ve consulted two experts — Susmita Gautam, a former Peer Career Adviser at George Mason University’s Career Services, and Sean McIntosh, President of Society for Human Resource Management at George Mason University — to see what seven skills can make you a better employee, no matter what your job. The recent developments have given new significance to adaptability. The way you feel about change, in the first place, determines how effective you can be in adverse conditions.

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