deviant moon tarot how to read

September 29, 2020
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amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "troistarot-20"; Tarot Readers who understand the Deviant Moon Tarot meaning say that the deck explores the darkness in the subconscious, highlighting hidden thoughts and feelings about ourselves, people, and certain situations. ’s independent, autonomous and courageous. Use careful reasoning, objectivity and balance when weighing up your options. Take a little time to reflect on where you went wrong and how you will bring yourself back into alignment with who you really are. — Upright: evaluate and adjust.

A sudden turn of fortune. You must stop giving your attention to too many tasks. Ace of Pentacles — Upright: new opportunities are opening up. Silver Spring, MD 20904, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments, A whimsical and surreal deck, showing unearthly realms of nature, myth and magic. Beware of charlatans. It is simply a time to move toward your ultimate interests. Reversed: your achievements are satisfactory, but not stellar. By all means attempt to negotiate a peaceful settlement. Persistence is the key to navigating your way through the difficulties. Walk away from those who would hold you back. the book is his journey into making that world become real to the rest of us. Spiritsong Tarot’s magical menagerie will inspire and enchant you! You must learn to prioritise. There is still a chance that the situation can be salvaged – if you desire it. Death — Upright: inevitable transition, endings, beginnings, death. He will stoop to unethical means to obtain his desired result. Take time out for yourself. You settle for mediocrity. Break out. The freedom your money gave you has gone.
— Upright: you have reached a staging post. Some of the major arcana cards are: The minor arcana Tarot cards in the Deviant Moon Tarot deck consist of 56 cards and 4 suits, containing 1 – 10 cards and page, knight, queen and king. — Upright: your character is being put to the test. ’s no stopping them. There could be domestic and relationship problems or your business could be suffering from neglect or staffing issues. This is not an excuse to reject others or hurt them in any way. His judgements are fair and balanced.

The heavy board cover features the victorious, emerging ‘creature’ from the Six of Wands. Emotional abuse. You have found inspiration and now you have to put it into action. You will find the solution once you cast aside your deluded thinking. amzn_assoc_linkid = "875bc672c1c0e96165590f6993f707aa"; You are stuck, unable to move forward, although those around you can see that the prison is of your own making.

You plan and scheme but little of what you attempt ever reaches fruition. Also included in the booklet is a unique ten-card spread called the Lunatic Spread, which mimics the shape of the full moon, and derives energy from its circular pattern. You cannot resist their allure.

You are using something as an excuse to start a fight. A relationship is coming to an end. The Deviant Moon Tarot is a Moon theme RWS based deck. Eventual recovery and enlightenment. Reversed: The foundations are shaky. Decisions based on irrationality. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; There. Boadicea’s Tarot of Earthly Delights: Tarot enhanced with witty wisdom & squids! — Upright: a strong, resourceful woman able to maintain a demanding job as well as look after her family. Your projects must be allowed to stand on their own merits.

Reversed: you have left tasks undone and are in danger of veering off course. Reversed: A despotic ruler, always has to be right.

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