descendants of the sun virus episode

September 29, 2020
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However many obstacles are in front of Captain Yoo, he cleverly solves all the problems with his comrades’ aid, he finally succeeds in rescuing hostages. Notre site utilise des cookies et d'autres techniques pour offrir une meilleure qualité de service. Similar to what Celina and Jacqueline has mentioned, this episode has shown a high amount of nationalism. And in Urk where a lot of things happen, many of which cannot be settled with her adept medicine. These people are being quarantined. One of them was Jin. She just passively and helplessly wait them to be saved. This shows that the sense of nationalism extends over just the physical geography, and that Korean pride continues to strive even outside of Korea. Once he proves himself with this, it can show the audience that he is not longer the one that follows all the demands, and that he is able to make his own decisions as well. Actually, this is not the first time for Captain Yoo to defy the superiors’ order. From this, we see how nationalism is shown to not be loyalty towards the government but rather the country itself, independent from the governing body. In the 1960s, hematologist Dr. Refaat Ismail unwillingly becomes a go-to guy for paranormal investigations.

This whole situation just seems overboard and exaggerated. Le 11e épisode du drama de la chaîne KBS 2TV a enregistré une part de marché de 31,9% à travers le pays, en hausse de 0,3 point de pourcentage par rapport à l'épisode précédent, selon les données. The medical team returns to their regular lives, but something's off. Dae-young is rattled after seeing an old nemesis, Mo-yeon shares a dark dinner with Si-jin, and an unusual package arrives from home. "Descendants of the Sun" is a 2016 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Eung Bok. Dae Young and Myung Ju are under quarantine, and Medi Cube is designated as the base medical facility for treating the virus. 1.
Another topic that stood out in the episode is that although nationalism is very strong in this drama, it shows that Korea is still open to partnering with the US military and the UN to resolve the issue on the outbreak of the virus because there was a particular scene where Si Jin is talking to his commander about how they have drawn blood from everyone at the base and will be sending them to the UN corps to test whether or not anyone else is infected. It was not just Dr. Kang and Captain Yoo who made this connection between the two professions, but also Dr. Song who was searching for a cure while quarantined. Because he is willing to sacrifice himself for his nation to save one person, he is then justified to leave his role and go on this mission alone. In this situation, it really closes the gender gap between women and men being a dominant role in this setting because Mo yeon is trying to save Myeong Ju’s life by saying that she has to win this battle. Opposing philosophies tear them apart, but fate has other plans. Dans l'épisode 11, la médecin militaire Yun Myeong-ju (Kim Ji-won) est diagnostiquée avec le virus potentiellement létal M3. Habituellement, les feuilletons télévisés sont produits épisode par épisode pour laisser une marge de manœuvre pour les ajustements. However, since Dr. Kang and Fatima were kidnapped by the gang led by Agus, Captain dares to disobey the orders from the superior and Blue House again, and starts his own independent mission to rescue them. Mo-yeon and Myung-ju learn that not everything is what it seems. Bagaimana tidak, mereka baru saja diberi restu untuk menikah. Dr. Lee throws his life away in order to save a patient and Agus will eventually have his life end perhaps due to retribution. Furthermore, in confronting the Lieutenant Colonel (Kim Byeong-cheol) who ordered him to play ignorant regarding the virus, Captain Yoo asserted that the infectious disease is a real enemy and that they are therefore in a real battle situation. Rather than saying that he wanted to save his girlfriend, Shi Jin insisted to begin the rescue mission for Mo Yeon because she was a Korean citizen. Again in this situation, there was nothing Dr. Kang was able to do; she was just like a sleeping beauty waiting for a prince. While on vacation after a sensitive military operation, soldier Si-jin senses a connection with Mo-yeon, a beautiful and strong-willed surgeon. If you recall from the earlier episodes of the series, one of the main justifications for why Dr. Kang and Captain Yoo could not be together was the perception that their jobs were just too different and/or incompatible. After Mo Yeon has been kidnapped, Shi Jin immediately went to request for permission from Lieutenant Park to save her. Voir en détail. Later, an old phone message is accidentally broadcast. Shi Jin argued that the life of a Korean citizen was more important than diplomacy and political issues, and that he would protect his “homeland” no matter what. In particular, I felt that Shi Jin’s sense of national identity was very strong in this episode. This was one point that I found unrealistic. Mo-yeon wonders if she's capable of dealing with Si-jin's secrecy. The parallels between doctors and soldiers were not only portrayed explicitly through dialogue but also through cinematic techniques in which the screen split showing Dr. Kang and Captain Yoo doing and saying pretty much the exact same things to illustrate the alignment of their positions in this situation.

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