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September 29, 2020
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This has been an interesting exercise, though – I've never really analysed what I eat or drink.

Stunning bit of plaice, and probably the last time I do peas and lettuce this year – definitely a sunshine dish. Snack Percy Pigs – I buy them "for the children". A great day in the McEvedy kitchen. Lunch Tom yum goong soup at Tawana on Westbourne Grove, followed by larb gai and miang kum – hot as buggery. Good local fizzy drink. Text us for exclusive photos and videos, royal news, and way more. Dinner Kitchen Table on Charlotte Street, for a review – though you'll have to wait until 10 November to read it. "Beef rendang" looked like Pedigree Chum, so I ate cheese and oatcakes and BA nuts. Homemade River Cottage green tomato chutney put some zoom in today's oeuf. Dinner Couscous with pickled chillies and harissa, a bowl of lentils and a Drumstick for pudding.

More almond cakes. Without this, it is impossible to accumulate… enough experience of eating to have anything worth setting down. Breakfast Nothing at all, but that's pretty much normal for me. After spending nearly every night of her 20s toasting the New York social scene, Bonnie Morrison stopped drinking in 2007—and dropped six pounds in two weeks. Talk about starting the day off right! Not a good start to the day, made worse by the fact that I was going to a photographic shoot, which always makes me nervy. Husband made it: bloody gorgeous in every sense. • Tom Parker Bowles's new book, Let's Eat: Recipes From My Kitchen Notebook, is published by Pavilion at £25. (Big Tom wins.). Dinner One of the girl's boyfriends had been shooting at the weekend, and she brought round pheasants as a present. Breakfast Some days I have eggs, others muesli. Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? Her daily eats consist of yummy dishes like grilled chicken with cauliflower mac and cheese and healthy pasta substitutes like zucchini noodles. Dinner Blue Smoke's Memphis ribs – not enough smoke, but the pulled pork was pretty damned good.

I am always grateful when this is what I'm asked to cook, because it's quick and easy, and as comforting for the cook as the eater. Breakfast I actually had some time today, so grapefruit with the usual coffee – more treat than habit. I've been experimenting with some mini versions of my cappuccino pavlova and have some bases left, as well as some coffee ice-cream from Monday, so do a housekeeping job of getting rid of the two together (that's my excuse), anointed with a sticky, gleaming drizzle of Golden Syrup which, along with Maldon and Colman's, constitute the holy trinity of Great British Foodstuffs.

I get mine, as my grandmother did before me, from Panzer's in St John's Wood, despite the schlepp. Presa Ibérico on quinoa flavoured with smoked oil – could almost convert me to quinoa. On big days, eggs are the way to go. I do cardio at Equinox or take a boxing class.".

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