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September 29, 2020
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Importers and pet transporters are responsible for changing the quarantine booking if necessary.

All cats and dogs except those from Australia are required to have a minimum of 10 days quarantine at an MPI-approved quarantine facility.

The processing time for permit applications is now 10 working days (reduced from 20). If the application is declined it will need to be resubmitted with an updated entry date. Other cats used in the breeding programme were a seal point male, possibly a Birman cross, and a solid black cat.

[8], A study done on patients in Auckland with acute toxoplasmosis, an infectious disease carried by cats and transmitted to humans via cat faeces (as well as via other pathways), is now thought to be more debilitating than initially realised. All trademarks are owned be Soclété des Products Nestlé S.A, or used with permission. The Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was formed in 1882 and now has 47 branches around the country. (A permit is not required if your cat or dog is coming from Australia or Norfolk Island.).
Apart from three species of bats, New Zealand did not have any land-based mammals until settlement by the Māori and by European people. held for further tests, treatment or quarantine, re-shipped to the exporting country (or another country). [7], Even though cats control rodents which also prey on native wildlife and thus have a protective role, the precautionary principle is recommended in certain cases such as adjacent to natural areas and in outer suburbs of cities. Do also discuss with owners and breeders to find the best breed under real conditions. Here's a list of 10 fluffy cat breeds to help narrow down your choice: Persian Persian Routinely one of the most popular cat breeds, this beauty is Raymond's top choice for its "long-flowing, luxurious coat," but also because "their quiet, melodious voices are pleasant and sweet," and they "make a charming pet for the entire family."

There are numerous cat welfare and cat breeding organisations in New Zealand. all supporting documentation is compliant. the cat or dog showed no clinical signs of infectious respiratory disease. Your cat or dog will be cleared for entry into New Zealand when: If your cat or dog does not meet the requirements, it will be: You will have to pay for any costs involved.

This test can recommend breeds that suits best for your properties and circumstances.

[2], Because of the effects of predation on New Zealand wildlife, domestic cat ownership is sometimes a contentious issue.

Category 1: Australia (including Norfolk Island), Category 3: Rabies-absent or well controlled, read the import health standard (IHS), guidance document and checklists for cats and dogs, check that your cat or dog is eligible for import into New Zealand – refer to the guidance document.

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