bsa a65 timing side bearing conversion

September 29, 2020
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Britbike forum Forums British Motorcycle specific Brands Bsa bulletin board A65 timing side conversion. NOTE: This is an early draft for review purposes only. Never any problems. Long thin rollers are referred to as needle rollers. Please note that this is (and probably will remain) a work in progress. Plain bushes and slipper shells tend to be specialist items, but the various ball and roller bearings were off-the-shelf components which should still be available from industrial bearing suppliers. It could be done differently going straight up from a main oil gallery ( SRM ) or from this gallery to the dowell holding the inner case ( by Mark Parker ), or from the outside ( oil sensor port ) through the outside cover to the end of the crank. Unless you have ready (cheap) access to a lathe, expertise and sintered bronze rod it is usually best to buy bushes ready-made from a motorcycle parts supplier. Index: Are oversize outside dia bushes available or will I need to machine myself (Im handy with a lathe).

Space is very limited between the bottom of the crankcase and the frame tubes and from the oil tank (frame down tube) and the crankcase. For oil block see thread: There's a timely article in this month's "RIDER" magazine featuring BSAOCSC co-founder Don Danmeier and his BSAs. Help me understand the bearing #s. the drive side uses the standard roller. with an outrigger 160005 ball added outside the rotor. The C3 clearance allows more crush on the bearing… Using a norton crank it had a 30mm shaft so I used a combination bearing to suit, maybe they use a bigger combination bearing? Dimensions are 30 mm ID, 47 mm OD, and 23 mm Width. There is little or no side load on the NKIS30 (I use the c3 variety which can take more crush) as endfloat is looked after by the well captured ballrace outside the alternator which also restricts crank flex and primary missalignment, that's why I prefere it even if it is a little more fiddly. Roller bearings can work with light lubrication. This number should represent the base bearing assembly type, with one or more modifiers. This BSA bearing quick reference is inspired by the Norton Owners Club (NSW) Commando bearing guide. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. Advertisement .

Loose balls are generally only used in steering head races or (very early) wheel bearings. BSA never solved these problems with the A50 and A65 which retained the timing side bush throughout their lifetime. Used a NA49/32 which is fine. I thought seeing as the ball bearing locks the drive side a plain needle roller bearing would be sufficient for the timing side. Re: BSA A65 LIGHTNING 1972 650cc - oil filter... Hi,Loved your article!

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