bird migration board game

September 29, 2020
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This is wonderful to hear, I’m UK based and would love a game involving birds we’re likely to see around us! This was very helpful. My question is related to the “Repeat” aspect of these birds power and where the card is played on the player mat. :). We bought the board game (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT) and received a coupon for 30% off of the Steam version of the game. The box design and card backs are CLEAN! You’ll get a tracking email with more information as soon as it ships. We were able to buy a copy of Scythe recently and we cannot stop playing it. something that has already been activated in that turn?) I am no Joe or Jamey, but I think I can answer this one! Does the bird that is being “repeated” have to be to the right or can you “repeat” any brown power in the habitat even if it hasn’t activated yet? The “repeat” birds essentially activate another board in that row. In response to LordScree’s thoughts on components, there needs to be a tactile pleasure to a game which I do not believe carboard eggs would provide.

Not listed in the Components list, we have found an additional 4 ‘mats’ that indicate they are to be used to guide a new player through the first four rounds. Perhaps this situation should be added to the FAQ section? I hope you enjoy it. One of the first things I commented on when unboxing was how nice these dice are.

We can’t resolve the dispute over getting food tokens. Darn you, Stegmeier!! Lots of cool attributes to guide game play. Avid Antipodean bird photographer and board gamer here. We recently bought Wingspan and LOVE the game. Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game from designer Elizabeth Hargrave and Stonemaier Games. The replayability of the game is excellent; I have played against the Automa about 20+ times and continue to try and beat the “hard” Automa (finally scored 98 to Automa’s 99 yesterday!). So when is Wingspan Migrations, and Wingspan The Big Year expansions coming? I know you’ve posted that pre-orders will be available Jan. 2nd. How long would it take to ship and deliver? I don’t argue about the value for the money, I don’t have the money. I have seen that you are also publishing wingspan in different languages, for exsample i believe the danish version comes out this fall. :). Yep, the announcement will be on our e-newsletter this Wednesday, with information about the preorder. :), I know there are tons of possible worthy expansion zones, but I’d like to put in a pitch for a Hawaiian avifauna expansion! Your attention to detail in components and gameplay really shines.

It’s rather easy to pick up, but complex enough to be able to try various strategies for different outcomes. Karen: Absolutely!

We have lost a few. If you need to play a 5-player game in the next few days before the replacements arrive, any cubes from any game can provide a temporary substitute. Extortion is a strong (and entirely inaccurate) word to throw around, so please check your facts. Can you please confirm if the preorder Wingspan is now stocked up in US and when they will be shipped out?

Wingspan is a card-driven competitive game dedicated entirely to birds where the players assume the roles of bird enthusiasts — researchers, birders, ornithologists, and collectors — and try to attract the best birds to their specific wildlife preserves.

cool bird. We want it so badly. One reprint reached Canadian stores last month; a big reprint is due to arrive in stores (games we sold to distributors, who sell to retailers) in a few weeks. I hate to buy it from people who just jack up the price because you can’t get it anywhere else. Hi Laura 2. Why is it taking so long? That’s no an official option right now, but if you have a set of different color cubes and some ingenuity, you might be able to make that happen!
If not how do we place our order in £ Sterling? “…We addressed this in a number of ways in the European expansion…” — Yep; have that one! They are not referenced anywhere. Thanks SM games for being so efficient even in a time like this. Or are you obliged to take a food? Note to designers: Label this NEW PLAYERS START HERE and list it in your Components list. I was looking into Wingspan and noticed there were misprints (“Photographer” bonus card, “Omnivore Expert” bonus card, “Spotted Sandpiper” bird card). Rik Wharfe Thanks. :) Thanks for a great game! Jo: We have Wingspan in stock in our fulfillment center in the UK. The rules don’t say the dice tower should be reset, so the dice tower should not be reset. Will buy the Australian expansion on day 1. Hi I have ordered Wingspan and it’s expansion just now. Question about Dice Tower in between rounds: The mockingbird/catbird does not gain the power of another bird. […] Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game from Stonemaier Games. The birdhouse roof doesn’t fit without a lot of bending of tabs. I bought Wingspan to play with a group of friends who all are avid board game players and we absolutely loved it! It’s a wedding gift for July 26th. And yes, the European Expansion is at that same fulfillment center. The European Green Woodpecker has the end of round power that doubles for end of round goals. Then there must be some old prints left on Amazon. :) Check out the diagram on the side of the box: 2 of the trays are for food tokens and 2 of the trays are for eggs.

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