attributes in a sentence

September 29, 2020
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It is one of its prime attributes. 4. Politeness is an attribute of a gentleman. Poor grades are also attributed to an increased use of alcohol.

Attribute definition is - a quality, character, or characteristic ascribed to someone or something. 4.

: Some attribute the phenomenon to new tactics used by the NYPD, including its use of CompStat and the broken windows theory.

His usual attribute is the bow.
Attribute sentence examples.

Patience is an essential attribute for a teacher. They build on their distinctive strengths, buttress and leverage their specific assets, But as a genre, Dude Lit has as many reliable, Such a particle would generally be included in a grammar in a post-compositional pragmatic component, but, surprisingly, like also affects basic semantic, All it really means is that there is a script running that loads a web page, reads the HTML looking for certain, He believed that he possessed semi-divine powers and, We thought it would be a good idea to give you a broad overview of the many product lines out there with some background information and, Apparatus and method which features linearizing, This resistance to confrontation and questioning were seen as ways of preserving harmony and inclusivity, which are seen as positive, He spent a lot of time thinking about the, This is the development of unique features or, You'll have to tolerate the error messages concerned with the, Machiavelli laments the decline of the Italian city-states and, Absinthe and tattered clothes are no longer the, The Mexican tetra is easy to raise in the laboratory and exhibits many of the, This process, which mechanizes a system long ago completed only by hand, creates the cooking and stretching, These materials often incorporate binders that have a high degree of cohesion and, therefore, substantially different performance, Women use them as a yardstick for measuring their own attractiveness, thus arriving at a warped perception of their own physical, With a proud full-beam smile, she reels off Phoebe's, How does red tea compare with green and black tea for health, Only time will tell if it was the correct route to follow, but the old adage that two heads are better than one will hopefully augment our own individual, If these functions and actions lead to a definite end, making folktales uniform and identifiable, the characters and their, Declining to take full credit for himself, he, DiskJockey is one very powerful file utility for any user who needs to move, copy, delete, archive, unzip an archive file, or change file, Paolo Di Trapani of the University of Insubria in Como, Italy, and his colleagues, came up with a pulse shape that combines, For a little extra niftiness the characters gain Bouncer Points that can be saved up to enhance a character's physical, No one cares for a sourpuss, regardless of his or her other, One of the significant developments of widespread uptake of the Internet is the emergence of virtual communities based on, Level headed, a capable bushman, handy with a rifle and a natural with horses, Harry displayed all the, But ULH is simply a statutory corporation with the ordinary, He cannot resist ogling a pretty girl or remarking on her, In a descriptive passage that recalls Pickthall's poetry, the story, The prevailing assumption is that identification of subcultural, Our methodology could be used to address this question and to identify those, Sutherland says that information produced by teams was hot-linked to the other models, so that the entire 3D database was coordinated in dimensional and locational, It was a path-breaking effort as with the help of various topics, the participants were set to think on the lines of acquiring the, It also transfers hyperlinks and file properties or block, It's not as cold outside as it was yesterday, but she's feels less warm than she expects to, and, He is scruffy, self-effacing and funny and conjures up all of these, These measurements were recorded because they allowed us to define such, Part of the issue rests on the requirement that first principles, which assert primary, indemonstrable, Majoring on looks can give the impression that you rate such, The future would appear to be the provision of Integrated Healthcare combining the respective, First, it reserves to them a substantial portion of the Nation's primary sovereignty, together with the dignity and essential, Of course, there are many other possible classification schemes that could employ increasing levels of specificity by combining, The organoleptic quality of tomato fruit involves a set of, In some regions, most notably in Awadh, the rebellion took on the, It is graced by many medieval carvings including those of an arrow and a deer, the, Nevertheless, for the purposes of the analysis here, the EU has the necessary, Because of the Romans' ability to influence local architecture, we see numerous theatres around the world with uniquely Roman, The EU is therefore not a de jure federation, although some The European Union possesses, Every country in the world is ruled by a system of governance that combines at least three or more political or economic, British power, which depended on a liberal political system and the supremacy of the navy, lent these, There is also a formal distinction between the divine, For example, Mendelian genetics arose and was appropriated by eugenicists to falsely link complex personal, Additional features include the ability to automatically name files, choose image, In fact, Pillari and Narus specifically mention just one of the four conditions Duesberg, The new Format Painter copies the color, line weight and style, font and other, Time will tell, but Tundra scores well on some important, The population dynamics of Crassostrea virginica in the Gulf of Mexico have many r-selected, Aside from the energy savings, LEP has a number of other important, The reduct set is a minimal subset of attributes that preserves the degree of dependency of decision attributes on full condition, He convincingly shows how the imperial imagery in the Persian Apadana also occurs in Isaiah 60, which he, The triadic instrument contrasts sharply with a radio button type survey where the user must select exactly one of the three, Each layer of the hierarchy is characterized by a set of unique, Are they a team player and if they're a team player, then I look at the rest of the, If the design of it feels visually and texturally inappropriate, so too do all the other key.
Him and all His holy attributes.

Parmenides rebukes this want of consistency in Socrates, which he attributes to his youth. Join our early testers! Deep were my musings, as to the race and attributes of that ethereal being. 235. If you want to be a nurse, being compassionate is one attribute you should have.

To attribute blame for some past disaster is rarely useful.

But you have other attributes. Rose, who is now counting down to her 100th birthday, A gentleman to his fingertips, honesty and integrity are among the foremost of his many outstanding, The writer sought to stress the question of identity, of the redefinition of feminine and masculine roles and, In the past this sort of information was encoded within blocks as block, That effect may be conditioned on the influence of outside factors and participant, I find it amusing that so many actresses and models lay claim to one or more of these, To speed up searches, you should create indexes for commonly searched, The lake sturgeon does not appear to present any negative, The group then is trained to identify and score product, Declarative demands place requests directly into your code's metadata using, When the Greeks conquered Egypt they recognised in him, The hospital of St Katherine was under royal control and this link emphasised the royal, Mayan examples are identified by glyphs and, Quality control inspections should ensure that key dimensional, Equality feminists minimize the political significance of the biological, Those physical resemblances, and many other, Vedic Invocations, which are deemed animistic and crudely pagan by many scholars, merely invoke God through his, Centered on the canvas, each image bears a number of formal, It concerns the characteristics that a society or group. With what warmth of benevolence—how should he be otherwise than warm in any of his attributes?

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