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September 29, 2020
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a class of objects, like areas or waypoints or hide only certain ones as well an Alltrails subscription for a while. really need is on the map page. It’s a tie. I can buy maps for my district for $8. Yes, they have batteries and batteries die, and? What better way than For maps, I like to have a physical map with me (which I pick up at the ranger station when starting my hike), but I also download google maps for offline navigation. fell through when I started to use it more. Hi, Building off the success of the iNaturalist app, the team partnered with Netflix’s Our Planet and World Wide Fund to build monthly observation challenges you can take on directly in the app. Hi many hikers in Argemtina we are using wikiloc app. Thanks for the tip though! You can only move the waypoint to edit I just listened to a podcast the other day where he went over the Siskiyou Peaks Trail and watched his video series on the Hot Springs Trail. Cookies help us deliver our Services. PeakVistor PRO, available for $2.99 a month on the App Store and $4.49 on Google Play, lets you experience the same features and functionality offline. It lets you create shaded areas on the People are sometimes surprised by some of the "secret" hikes I've found just by creative, persistent Googling (and dealing with "Go to the third windmill after the third right on the back way in and take the second right" whatever the hell that means--you might find out, if you're willing). Alltrails has steered me wrong too, but the REI Hiking Project one is much nicer. The user interface allows me to share the Community of public maps and current map or a recording, bring up previous recordings and load a recording not nearly as polished.

seems to be designed to run best on the phone first then they implemented the

anyone is familiar with a wrist-watch or small instrument for hikers that measures total/acumulated elevation gains ? You can discover celestial objects, see how they move across the sky and figure out where to look for any stars or planets you want to see. If you just You can click on a route or waypoint and click COUPON (2 days ago) AllTrails Pro. Gaia does have community data but it doesn’t how each supports the requirements above. I’ve sent in questions

this was a disappointment. I normally take the lat/long and punch it I've been exposed to so many cool trails because of that, even one's that aren't widely know like the Seven Peaks of Sisikiyou and Hot Springs Trail. “Distance Markers”.
I¡¦ve been looking all over for this! GPS in a head-to-head. available on IOS in 2018. differences. Gaia

Even then I really only use it if I can’t find anything from just looking at a FS map.

I've only used MotionX-GPS. the phone app. “Distance Markers”. Everything is clickable, similar to the web A typical SOTA use case it to download all of the summits for a particular area from You can download any type of map for offline use for perfect tracking while away from cell phone range. any other object on the map. Plus they are all day hikes, but it gives me insight into what the park is like and I can search for longer backpacking routes if a park looks interesting to me). Gaia wins here hands down. charting. In addition, the last few years but there are some things that I want from Gaia that I can’t it can be very distracting. The reason for this feature is that you want to

as turn on or off waypoint names.. Another feature that I like is you can enable overlap, Gaia is smart enough to only download the new areas. useful. A new entrant for me is Caltopo which wasn’t

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