all hallows school closure

September 29, 2020
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8 0 obj 5 0 obj Rhinegold music are creating some music lessons for KS1 and 2 that require no instruments. Below are some links to information provided by the Government and other sources that have been produced to support you while schools are closed. All Hallows’ School will then follow Queensland Health directions. 7 0 obj endobj This will continue to be updated as we receive further information . Seaquest home resources page suggests some activities that can be done in the garden. Click here for the Community Response helpline information,,, Gruffalo workout led by Inspire Sports Coaching, We subscribe to it in school so the children are used to doing it.
Also gives access to Maths seeds, suitable up to age 7 and Reading Express (suitable from age 7-13), Letters and Sounds daily phonics lessons for Reception and Year 1,, If you don't know your log in please email your child's teacher (Year 1 upwards), This username and password is the same as TT Rockstars, They are giving a 30 day free trial along with Reading Eggs, Sum Dog are offering free access if you sign up while schools are closed, Carol Vordamon's Math's Factor is free to join currently. <> All Hallows' School | Queensland's Oldest Secondary School. endobj <> Year 8 You have been set a Home Learning Drawing Challenge. Whether you are looking for full, weekly or flexi-boarding or just an occasional night here and there, we will be delighted to welcome you. Located within the homely surroundings of the main school house, our boarding is quite literally at the heart of our warm and vibrant school community in all respects. <>

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